Love Won’t Save You . . . Only My Powers Can

When it comes to great love stories, Anakin and Padme’s isn’t one of them. As a viewer, it was awkward to see their interaction in The Phantom Menace knowing that their relationship was going to grow into marriage. He was a child, for goodness’ sakes! It didn’t get better in Episode II seeing that he’d been obsessed with her since then. Really, obsession is a much better word for his relationship with Padme rather than love.  That became very clear in Episode III. Anakin feared loosing Padme. So he did everything he could to keep her. But it was all for his sake, not hers.

St. Paul said a few things about love: among other things that it was patient, kind and not self-seeking. Sometimes our actions don’t show the love we are suppossed to have as a follower of Christ. We get too focused on having, rather than giving and being able to let go, we become power-greedy and love is lost.

God’s relationship with the church is likened to marriage several times in the New Testament. The one good marriage I can think of displayed in Star Wars that of Breha and Bail Organa–Leia’s adoptive parents. The short time we see them on screen, we see a deep commitment to each other, to others and to doing what is right at any cost. Is our relationship with God like the Organa’s marriage (serving others, adopting orphans into their family)? Or have we become like the Skywalkers (keeping it a secret, seeking our own needs)?


~ by Dave on November 19, 2009.

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