Crew Community

When Star Trek: The Next Generation came out, much of the world was excited about this new incarnation, bringing Star Trek back to television for the first time in a couple decades.

I was one of those people. At times, the show was hard to find in syndication in our part of the country. But as it gained popularity and respect, it became a mainstay on many stations, being granted air times when people could actually watch it.

When I was in college, TNG was one of those shows that several friends and I would get together to watch. Some of us went to the premier of Generations when it came to theaters. We enjoyed getting together to watch the new adventures of the crew.

What we were experiencing around TNG was community. It was a time to get together, hang out, talk about the issues that came up in the show. Community was something we needed, something we longed for.

Church is meant to be a place of community. A place where people can be authentic and not have to fear judgment. That’s not often the case, though. We often put up masks, so that others see us as “perfect Christians” fearing that we’ll be rejected if we’re not perfect. Like Ten Forward, it needs to be a place where all people (sinful, imperfect people) can come and hang out. And that sense of community must extend beyond the church walls to our daily lives.


~ by Dave on November 24, 2009.

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