The First Time I Saw . . .

Attack of the Clones was the first movie I saw the midnight showing of–maybe the only, now that I think about it. On a whim, my wife said we she go for it–not knowing if there would be tickets left after driving a half hour to the theater (she’s a great wife to have gone along with me on that one). The thing I remember about that showing was the excitement in the air during it, and then the abrupt, anticipatory silence when we heard Yoda’s gimer stick clicking against the floor tiles as he came out to fight Dooku. It was the first time we’d seen Yoda’s skills. The first time we’d see him be more active than riding in a backpack on Luke’s back. The silence was broken with a few cheers here and there as Yoda showed us his skills with a lightsaber.

Sometimes I forget to be that way with God. The church often forgets to be that way, too. We forget the wonder and awe of watching God at work. We get too busy trying to create programs and “do” ministry that we miss out of seeing God at work. He’s doing it all the time. And His work is so amazing. Astonishing. Wondrous.

I remember working at a Bible Camp and sitting in the back of chapel as kids responded to the message that not. It brought tears to my eyes seeing how God was breaking through to them, touching their hearts, working on them. Only God could have done that. Not me, not the speaker, not any of the other staff. Let’s not get too busy–trying to achieve by our own merits–that we miss out on seeing God at work around us.


~ by Dave on December 4, 2009.

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