Joining the Rebellion

At the beginning of A New Hope, neither Luke nor Han were looking to join the rebellion. Luke had hopes of going to the academy. Han . . . well, Han had hopes of making money and staying alive. But circumstances changed and they both found themselves with the Rebel Alliance. Neither was their strictly to help. Han initially was their for the money. Luke went because he wanted to get off Tatooine and had nothing to keep him there anymore (what with his family getting torched and all). But both found a place where they had a purpose, a place where they were needed, a place where they belonged. Getting involved changed the course of their lives.

The church is supposed to be like that. All too often it’s not. Our church over the past year has been focusing on whole-life stewardship–giving and serving in all areas of life. If we’re committed to being in the church, we need to be committed to serving in the church, to tithing, to helping teach Sunday School so that the children are part of our community as well.

A friend of mine, who attends another church, shared that he is looking into finding a new church for his family. They love their church–he met his wife there, they’ve been attending there for years–but they have a young son and are frustrated that there is no consistency in child care in the nursery. This is a church with several thousand people who attend it. There should be no trouble in having people serve in the nursery. Yet there is. And so my friend is looking for another church family because he doesn’t want to have to be in the nursery every Sunday just so that someone is there with his son in the nursery.

The problem is that church has become another part of our entertainment–a spectator sport instead of something we participate in. It’s not something we commit to–we’re much more comfortable leaving our options open so we can church hop if a church doesn’t meet our needs. My friend has been committed to his church and has been serving there, but he can’t do it alone.

What if church was a place where we got involved? Because Jesus called us to love and serve others. Because God gave us gifts and talents to use for the purpose of building up the church. Because we’re called to give freely because we have been freely given. Because we’re a part of the body. Just because.

And what if in doing so we found a place where we had a purpose, where we were part of something bigger, where we found a place we belonged? What if in serving we had an opportunity to change the lives of others for the better–and found our own lives changed in the process?


~ by Dave on December 15, 2009.

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