Morals of Clone Wars: 1.1 Ambush

At the beginning of every Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, they start with a “moral” instead of the crawl that they used in the movies. I was looking through them today and realized that they have some good points. I thought I’d take some time to reflect on them.

Moral: “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”

Think of the great leaders in history–at least the ones you know a lot about. If they were a truly great leader, those under them were likely to be rise to the top as well.

Jesus is the best example, of course, since he was the greatest leader in history (I know many will debate that, but from my view of a great leader, He’s at the top of my list). Let me support my case: Jesus took a bunch of outcasts (like tax collectors), uneducated commoners (like fishermen) and potential betrayers as His disciples. These were the people who were to carry on His work–people that never made it to the level of being any rabbi’s disciple; they just couldn’t cut it. These were men who seldom understood what He taught, made rash decisions and suffered with plenty of unbelief. These were men who would desert Him in His hour of need.

And yet being with Jesus for only three years transformed them. They did learn most of what He had to teach them (some of them even remembered His teachings enough to write them down years later). They learned how He thought, acted and lived. And they were able to do it, too. Sure, they had their shortcomings (who doesn’t?), but they became leaders (and servants) in their own rights. They changed the world. They helped develop a whole following of Jesus that has continued for almost 2000 years now. Those men did great things. And they, in turn, inspired others to do great things.

May we, following in the footsteps of the greatest leader, be inspired to do great things ourselves.


~ by Dave on January 5, 2010.

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