Morals of the Clone Wars 1.13: Jedi Crash

Moral: “Greed and fear of loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil.”

Most believe the Bible says that “Money is the root of all evil.” What Paul really writes is “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”  (1 Timothy 6:10). Money in and of itself has no morality. Its user does. We are the ones who use it for good or evil.

We get into bigger trouble, however with the way we treat money. Either it serves us, and we use it for necessities, to enjoy life and to advance the Kingdom of God, or we serve it, becoming slaves for the sake of gaining more and more, yet in actuality, loosing much of what we were working toward.

When we view money as the thing we want most in life, our greed overtakes us, driving to do whatever it takes to gain more money. It becomes our god.

God has given us all we have. When we view it all as being gained from our own merits, we place too much value on it (for where your treasure is, there your heart is also). We cling to it. We fear using it.

God has given us all we have in order to be good stewards with it. When we view it that way, we give it away freely. We don’t hoard. We’re not stingy. We gain, but only for the sake of giving.

We are told in the first four chapters of Acts that the early church met together frequently for prayer, communion, fellowship and studying the Word. They often sold all the had in order to help the poor. The gave generously. Greed and fear of loss were not a part of their community.

How could the church change the world if those within it viewed their possessions in the same way?


~ by Dave on February 19, 2010.

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