Morals of the Clone Wars 1.14: Defenders of Peace

Moral: “When surrounded by war, one must eventually choose a side”.

Most of the time, when our country is at war, the side is already chosen for us. Unless we completely disagree with our nation’s principles, we’re not going to go against them. There are obvious exceptions, of course, but generally, if your homeland is at war, you’regoing to support your troops (you may not support the war, but you aren’t going against your country).

More often than not, when surrounded by war you must eventually choose between fighting and seeking peace. We all want peace, generally. The disagreements arise in how to achieve peace. Some believe that a strong offense is the best way to achieve peace; others put stock in having a built-up defense. Still others believe that fighting must be avoided at all costs–that there are always other alternatives for achieving peace.

There is spiritual warfare going on around us, as well. Far too often, we ignore it (or become way too obsessed with it). When we ignore it, we unwittingly choose our side–and it’s not the good one. We can’t just sit on the sidelines. And in spiritual matters, we can’t be passive, either. Paul lays out for us in Ephesians our equipment for this battle as well as our assignment–to be aggressive in prayer.

How much could the church change the world if we were more offensive in our battle against the forces of evil?


~ by Dave on February 24, 2010.

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