30 Years of The Empire Striking Back

Right now, my boys and I are watching The Empire Strikes Back in commemoration of its debut on the big screen 30 years ago. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have pushed for watching the movie today. It’s nice outside and I prefer to get the boys out for exercise and fresh air on days like these. And we were out, but it was so hot and muggy that we needed to come in and cool off some.

The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best Star Wars movie (and I know many will argue that ad nauseum). It has great battles, good character development, a little romance, a little humor and a lot of new and exciting places and creatures–especially Yoda (okay, the Bounty Hunters are pretty cool, too). It was also the darkest of the original trilogy. The bad guys get the upper hand. All seems at a loss for the Rebellion.

It also has a lot to teach the church (as do most of the movies). The first is a reminder that this world is in a constant battle. There is a good side and a bad side. Yes, the outcome of the battle has already been determined, but there are still casualties that can be prevented. Too often, we in the church stand idly by, ignoring the spiritual battle occurring. We need to get active and rebel against the devil that has power in this world. If we’re not battling, then we’re silently supporting the status quo: the evil that has a grasp on this world.

We need to pursue God relentlessly, the same way Darth Vader pursues young Skywalker (well, okay, not the same way. In a healthy way, but with the same passionate abandon).

We also need to see a Jedi Master, like look seeks out Yoda. By that, I mean we need to find someone to disciple us. When Jesus called the disciples to follow Him, He commanded them to teach others what they learned from Him. That pattern was supposed to continue. We’ve let real discipleship fall by the wayside all too often. We need to find a mature Christian who can disciple us, passing on to us the things they’ve learned.

And we need others. We need our Chewbacca. Our Han, Luke or Leia. We can’t go through this alone. Without friends, we’re left dangling from an antenna at the bottom of Cloud City with little hope.


~ by Dave on May 23, 2010.

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