Morals of the Clone Wars 2.4: Senate Spy

Moral: “A true heart should never be doubted.”

In many churches, the trust is a commodity that is found lacking. We lack trust because we don’t get to know each other. The church is very big on confessing sins, but we only do it to God and not one another (as we are told to do in James).  We feel we need others to think we are sinless (even though we frequently remind each other that all of sinned and fall short). Without being vulnerable to one another–without sharing our sins and weaknesses–we can’t really trust one another.

When we don’t get to know each other, when we don’t open up to one another, we can’t form trusting bonds where we can put our confidence and faith in each other. We in the church should know each others’ hearts and let others get to know ours. Only then can we put our confidence in others, and when we trust, we can work together to advance the Kingdom.


~ by Dave on June 4, 2010.

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