Beam Me Up, Scottie

This has nothing to do with the church, but after doing a bunch of travel (with my little kids) the past week, I’m ready for someone to invent transporter technology (and also the medical technology in Star Trek, but that’s another post). I’m not much for sitting in the car for hours upon hours.

At the same time, I do like to drive and travel. I would probably miss out on the sites along the way. Maybe the trouble is I need more time so that I don’t feel I have to rush to my destination. I like to find hidden gems along the way. So I guess I’m retracting my statement about wanting transporter technology–well, to some extent, at least. It’d still be nice to just get there quickly after a while in the car with kids.

And I’m going to retract my statement about this not being about the church as well. Because as I reflect on it, it is. Too often the church tries to get people from point A (unbelief) to point B (salvation) as quickly as possible–transporter-style. It works sometimes. The Holy Spirit may prompt people to respond to an “altar call” or a revival meeting. But we can’t forget that faith is a journey. Instead of trying to get them from A to B quickly, let’s travel with them seeing the sites along the way, stopping to explore, being willing to get lost a little. Because often faith is about the journey as much as destination. Maybe Warp Speed is one of the things that the church shouldn’t learn from Sci-Fi. Maybe we need to learn the lesson from the movie Cars (hey, talking vehicles could be science fiction, right?) that we need to slow down, enjoy the journey and not rush all the time. There are many relationships to build along the way.


~ by Dave on July 28, 2010.

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