Morals of the Clone Wars 2.7: Legacy of Terror

“Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.”

Last night at church  we talked about St. Benedict’s rule of caring for the sick. It includes the idea that when we’re sic, we need to let others care for us. Our pastor noted, “To receive the care of others is a way to honor God.” In saying that, it was an encouragement to accept help. Most of us have trouble doing so.

We struggle with accepting help because to do so admits our weaknesses. It means that we’re unable to do something on our own. That smacks us in the face of our American Capitalism.

But to accept help, we are also made humble. We are reminded that we can’t do everything on our own. We need God. We need others.

Sometimes in the church we–collectively as well as individually–think we have all the answers. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are sick, too (for sin is usually still present in our lives). We need to accept help. We need to be humble. We need to remember that we need God–and others.


~ by Dave on August 23, 2010.

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