Our pastor tonight actually referenced a couple of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation in her sermon.

The first was the episode “Tapestry” in which Jean-Luc Picard is given the opportunity, courtesy of Q, to find out what his life would have been like if he hadn’t been so reckless in his youth (especially a bar fight in his 20s that resulted in him needing an artificial heart). It turned out that the “sins” of his past made him into the  man he was today (or in the future, as it would be).

The other was the episode “The Inner Light” in which Jean-Luc experiences the opportunity of being loved and raising a family while in a dream-like state which resulted from aliens taking his mind captive. Even that experience changed him.

Here is how Pastor Jan Bros relates those episodes to our spiritual lives:

Like Jean-Luc who was given a chance for a new life in the two episodes I described, everything changes when another context is given. When threatened with death either physical or that of his dreams, he grabs hold and changes his mind how he thinks about his life. When given the possibility to live entirely different, wooed by kindness, he moment by moment accepts the grace of love in his new life even though it was only in his mind.

John-Luc & Q

Both story lines demonstrate the power of grace to bring change. And the same is for us. Whether grace comes to us in time of crisis or by the extended hand of love, Jesus through his twin arms of justice and love, holds us tight. Tough and sweet together. Amazing love. Amazing grace. Amazing truth. Amazing justice.

…Salvation comes to us in three parts: Jesus’ finished work of salvation on the cross for our forgiveness and healing; Jesus’ continued working his salvation out within us in the present for life change; and Jesus’ drawing us towards his glorious hope of salvation in what is yet to be.

A theologian once said that Jesus’ CROSS cuts through time as we know it. It reaches back to redeem; is present to transform; and extends to the not yet to make a way. Somewhere, somehow, all of time is held in the grip of God. Every second is accessible to him. This is what makes salvation, redemption and healing possible at any moment because God is present in all of it.

The power of the cross lies in it’s ability to be transformational in our lives at all times and all places. I applaud Pastor Jan for using the stories of the Enterprise to illustrate that to the church.


~ by Dave on September 12, 2010.

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