Morals of the Clone Wars 2.11: Lightsaber Lost

Moral: “Easy isn’t always simple.”

Easy is often the lazy person’s way out. To live simply often requires work. But it also, well for lack of a better word, simplifies your life.  When we seek the path of easiness, we often end up making things more complicated–especially after cutting corners.

Often we in the church want things to be easy. We want three simple steps to bring more people through the doors. We want everyone to agree with us. We want a church schedule that meets our needs and our calendar’s openings.

But the work of the church is never easy. There is a harvest field out there that Christ calls us work in. But the work is often simple. We just trust and obey.

Let’s stop complicating things by looking for easy and start focusing on simple instead.


~ by Dave on October 26, 2010.

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