Morals of the Clone Wars 3.8: Evil Plans

Moral: “A failure in planning is a plan for failure.”

We’ve probably heard the axiom above before in some form or another. It’s still amazing how often churches fail to plan. Often we may think that God will handle anything. And while God could (and sometimes would), He generally expects us to use the intellectual capacities He’s given us. 

We should plan to prevent harm from coming to the children in our care in church. We should plan for what to do when the needy “sinner” arrives through our doors. We should plan for emergencies. We should plan for the unexpected. And while I generally believe we should let the Holy Spirit guide us, we should also plan for worship (and let the Spirit guide us in our planning). 

Most of us don’t evangelize to our friends and neighbors because we don’t plan to do so. We don’t practice what to say. We don’t practice inviting them to church. We fail not because they don’t come or believe, but because we don’t plan to initiate it.



~ by Dave on June 10, 2012.

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